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5 Easy Ways To Add Shabby Chic To Your Home

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If theres one classic style we love, it’s got to be this one.

The shabby chic style as we know it is a MUST for your family homes, chic cottages and gorgeous girly bedrooms. Think distressed furniture, pastel pinks, creams and blues, french style and flowers, this look is not just affordable but also extremely easy to do. Imagine white distressed furniture, with floral cushions and tables with painted mason jars filled with spring flowers,  it can get your home from looking unloved to something worth Instagraming about instantly.

But where do you start? We know it can be a little daunting revamping your whole home or even just one room can be rather intimidating, sometimes you just need some inspiration or a little helping hand to get you on your way and well, here we are, your gardian shabby chic angels with a few little tips worth taking note of.

Tip 1.

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Don’t throw any old wooden furniture away, seriously DON’T – trust us. You know that ugly pine desk you got about 500 years ago (or that’s how long it feels anyway) which has been sitting gathering dust, which you hate but you can’t get rid of because your mother in law gave it to you? Well finally it has some use – it’s time to give it a revamp!

All you need is a spot of paint – preferably if you want to get the shabby chic style exact – in a cream, white or pastel colour, it doesn’t need to be fancy it just has to be right for you. Then when it’s dry, simply do another coat, wait to dry and then sand down areas of your choosing – keep the movements random, as you want your furniture to look naturally distressed. Once you’ve finished these steps, you should have a whole new (and gorgeous) piece of furniture fit for any shabby chic home.  You may be thinking ‘oh it’s not as amazing as the real thing’ but doing it yourself means you can restore and change old furniture, saving you a lot of money – and we all love a good money saver don’t we!

For a step by step HOW TO we’ve found an amazing one on Miss Mistard Seeds blog.
Or for more restoration ideas ‘like’  Miss Mustard Seed on Facebook – she’s amazing!



Colour is everything with this style, you will never see – unless we’ve just missed it in which case please show us! – a floresent or crazy patterened ‘shabby chic’ room. That’s because it’s not a thing. The beauty of SC is that you can use simple, light colours, in any shade (like the collection above) to get the look. Chances are you’ve probably got some old paint stored away which would be perfect!  So the tip is – use light or pastel shades and you can’t go wrong. Pinks make it girlier where as a light blue has a gorgeous french style and soft tone to it – it’s totally your choice!



Accessorize and accessorize well.

China plates and tea cups with pretty floral motifs, lace and flower covered cushions and curtains, candles and french motifs, mason jars and clocks…the list goes on. Keep it vintage, keep it pastel, keep it girly and you’ve got the ultimate shabby chic home. Maybe even throw some gold tones in there or silver, to jazz up the space and create a more unique take on the shabby chic style – example a champagne silver mirror.

Shabby CHIC Polyvore board

Our polyvore board above features our lovely free standing Napoli mirror and the beautiful oval shabby chic mirror  

They both would make incredible accessories when achieving the shabby chic style, much like most of our amazing wooden frames and mirrors.

Which leads us onto…



Frames and mirrors, oh yes you haven’t got away from our products that easily. In all seriousness though, our ivory or white mirrors and frames work beautifully alongside shabby chic decor. For example our Juliet frame which is detailed yet slightly thinner than most of our products, is elegant and pretty – the perfect combination for your SC home.


Or you could try our Arch mirror.  The picture really doesn’t do it justice, honest. The detail of the frame itself is beautifully carved and the feature at the top helps to make it stand out, emphasing this amazing Shabby Chic theme I’ve been banging on about.


Likewise our picture frames are also perfect and most importantly affordable – dont worry you won’t have to splash a fortune to get the ultimate shabby chic pad. Create gallery walls or have beautiful prints in a freestanding frame on top of your newly upcycled draws, wherever or however you decide to have them, they’ll work perfectly alongside the rest of your home.



Now for the finishing touch, flowers. Vases filled around the room, on coffee tables, on windows and fireplaces, by bedrooms and in hallways. The perfect added extra to any shabby chic home is a good bouquet of flowers. It makes sense does it not? You have beautiful fabric throws, cushions and curtains, teamed with floral wall paper or art. So what would look incredible with it? Flowers. Simple tip and a good excuse to get your other half to treat you aye!?



It’s simple isn’t it? Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to achieving one of A&Gs favourite looks.

Hope this helped,

Lots of Love,
Ayers and Graces

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