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A few TOP TIPS to get: Office Space Goals

Work Space goals

This week we’re all about the workspace. Work doesn’t need to be a place of boredom, old school computers and off tasting cups of tea – I’m just assuming the worst. You’ve got to spruce it up, make it your creative haven, your ‘I can do this’ kick ass motivator. If your doing the full time, the Dolly Parton 9-5 , AKA spending a huge chunk of your week in that work space, girl you’ve been working hard and deserve to give your space a little make over.

This is all well and good me saying, as my own personal workspace isn’t worth shouting about – don’t get me wrong, I had full intentions of making it F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S, with my vintage antique desk and an A&G frame which I turned into a pin board (shameless mention of a post which will be coming soon) – but I realised I’ve got to make a change too. Lets do this together? 

If you’re like me, you may have found yourself trolling through websites such as Pinterest for inspiration on how to change it and although it’s fun, it can end up taking over hours of your life. So with this in mind, I thought ‘hey lets make it a little easier‘ which means, I’m going to bring you my personal favourites, in hopes we can all get that little thing called inspiration flowing!

Office at home?


This space is simply fantastic and so organised I think my heart just skipped (skipped, skipped) a beat. The pegboard design allows you to gain extra storage, allowing a clear work space and a unique room with stylish and modern decor. This design would be perfect for creatives, in this instance you can see the sewing machine, thread, scissors – these important bits and bobs which would normally take up lots of space, now are out the way, easy to get too and they look good too…  what more could you want?

Chalk board work space Instead of thousands of notebooks with scribbles and ideas written down, contact numbers, to do lists etc. You know the normal hectic details we need to remember to maintain a normal work life. Well how about a chalk board? If you saw us at this years Ideal Home Show (check out recent blog post) you may already know how much we’re loving chalk boards at the moment, so this idea jumped out to me straight away.

You can purchase chalk paint from local home stores – Wicks does a cheap pot for about £10- paint on your desired walls and voila, you have yourself a giant chalk board – think Toms from 500 days of Summer! With this idea, you save paper, you reduce clutter and you also save the planet, now that’s good karma.

Washing line Office Inspo

Simple and effective. This Pinterest find is actually one of my favourites and probably one of the easiest designs to set up in your home office. String and pegs, any colour of your choosing (paint the pegs different colours to be even more organised and creative!), pin to the wall and you’ve got yourself an easy peasy way of storing important paper work, calendars, to dos… The lot.

Here’s a link to get you started – pegs and string both from Wilkos – What a bargain!

Work in an office?

 So, of course if you work in a office you can’t exactly go in with some chalk paint and start splashing it about, along with a drill to put up your DIY peg board. SO, what can we do?

Space savers are the ultimate handy, pretty and perfect way for a neater, extra fab desk.

Storage Savers -

Simple pots to hold all your pretty stationary, such as your glitter pens and expensive paperchase  pencils (we’re all gaga over pretty note pads and pens, admit it) These pots here you can purchase from your local IKEA store – In fact I saw them in there myself only a few weeks ago.

Fancy a quirkier design or prettying them up like the ones in the image? Simply spray paint or paint to a style of your choice, go crazy and be creative. How easy is that?


Even changing your calendar makes a huge difference. We love this ombre calendar DIY tutorial seen on Annabode it’s super cute – yes unhelpful as you can’t write any important meetings on it, but who cares,  it gives you an excuse to get a new cool diary like the ones from Ohh Deer (our faves!)

Style over practicality right? I’m sure that’s what our mums taught us…

Mason Jars and Sticky Labels

Mason jars or just ‘vintage’ style jars in general are hugely popular through out the home and blogasphere right now. You can pop absolutely anything in them and decorate them in a huge range of styles, making them one of A&Gs top picks for sprucing and organising your work space- we just love Jessica Petersons designs, simple, quirky, fun. Petersons proves you don’t have to get too messy or technical, a simple label gun will do!


Have you came up with a DIY idea for revamping your work space? Or have you recently decorated your office and want to show the world how proud you are of it? Well send them too us on our A&G social media pages – we would love to see them!


 Thanks for reading,

Lots of Love!

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Work Space goals