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Sunshine on a rainy day

  The sunshine may have gone and the rain may have washed away our summer smiles. But before you all become emotional whilst packing your swimming cossies, your garden tables, your BBQs and flip flops away, we have a solution. We have found something in the shape of a gloriously round, gilt, fabulous, golden mirror, that...
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It’s a Mans World!

  It’s a Mans world (but it would be nothing without a us women hey!) Males, where have you been? Don’t shy away from the A&G girls, we know you love our mirrors and frames just as much as we do. But just in case you need some persuading, we’re here to help inspire you! I’ve...
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London fashion week!

  Ladies and gents everywhere are swooning over the new collections of top designers this week. I know I’ve been stalking mine on instagram – I want it all! But what is something that often goes hand in hand with fashion? Vanity! And it’s this vanity that brings you to us, our lovely mirrors. There’s simply...
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Rather Royal!

Us brits, we’re a rather obvious yet traditional sort of bunch at times aren’t we? Although we almost hate to admit it. It’s certainly a rare occurrence if we’re unable to spot a fellow Englishman on our sunny holidays, t-shirt tans and 50 shades of grey books in hand. We enjoy our tea and crumpets in...
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Copper! It’s here, there, everywhere!

I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely loving the interior design trends that are taking magazines, Pinterest and our homes by storm at the moment. From bold peacock green paint, to eye popping wall paper and simple Scandinavian inspired room sets, there’s so much to be desired. However there is one particular trend that...
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New Girl Alert!

So you may or may not have noticed (we hope you have!) that the A&G social media pages have been extremely active this week, what with inspirational images, brand new Customer Photo Gallery and even some lovely little DIY ideas popping up! Well there’s a pretty fantastic reason for this… We have a new girl in...
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Creating Your Classic Interior

Can custom shutters create a soothing and ambient environment? We all have times when all we want to do is to chill out in a calm, pleasant environment, shutting out for a time the busy, noisy world in which we live. When you feel like that, you need a space that is soothing, helping you to...
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It’s Back! The One Day A&G Warehouse Sale

After the success of last years One Day Warehouse Sale we’ve decided it’s time for another one! This time it’ll take place on a Sunday, (1st March), so hopefully you ‘Saturday workers’ will all be able to make it! We’ll be selling our end of line, slight seconds and ex-display items at huge discounts of up to...
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Ayers and Graces – The Perfect Gift for Valentines Day!

Its finally February, which means the long grueling January is over. Say good bye to the penniless month, the ‘new year, new me’ and the dry January, grab yourself a well deserved glass of wine, also some forbidden chocolate and read on. As you all know – and if you don’t, well I’m sorry but...
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Using Shabby Chic To Bring Personality Into A Room

  Using shabby chic to bring personality into a room Shabby chic is one of the biggest trends in interior design at the moment and its popularity is growing at a rapid pace. What started out as a way to spruce up old pieces of furniture during times of austerity has resulted in a massive cottage industry....
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