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Creating Your Classic Interior

Can custom shutters create a soothing and ambient environment?

We all have times when all we want to do is to chill out in a calm, pleasant environment, shutting out for a time the busy, noisy world in which we live. When you feel like that, you need a space that is soothing, helping you to relax before taking up the cudgels again and heading out to your working environment or to pick up some essential items from the shops.

Organizing that peaceful space doesn’t have to be complicated but you do need to give it some thought so you can create an ambient environment that can be the perfect retreat, as well as helping improve your mood if things have been fraught.

Creating your classic interior

Interior design is often thought to focus on new design trends and how you can achieve a specific look, and though that’s certainly an important part of the picture, there are other areas to consider, in particular the psychological aspect that can affect your emotions and consequently, the way you feel.

Your spaces, whether for relaxing or for being busy in, need to be welcoming, not just for you but family and friends as well. If you’re trying to create a classic space to help you wind down then consider some ways you can achieve this.


When you’re thinking about colour schemes to help you feel relaxed, it’s best to avoid bold and brash hues such as red, purple, orange and black. They can be great for certain spaces, especially when you want to make a statement, but they are unlikely to help you to calm down.

You’re looking for lightness and brightness to soothe you, and using yellow, the colour being associated with creativity and happiness, in tandem with neutral colours can lift your mood. Gentle greens and blues can help evoke the pastoral feel of nature, trees and rivers, bushes and streams, and coupled with light browns and white will move you towards the Zen tranquillity you’re looking for.

Using custom shutters

Wooden shutters are an ideal way to control your lighting environment. With moveable slats, you can determine how much or how little light enters the room. The most effective way to have complete control is to have custom shutters made for your windows, rather than just buying them off the shelf. Custom shutters are designed specifically to fit your window shapes, and that means that even if you have oval or half-moon shapes as part of your openings, custom shutters will be the ideal solution.

The ability to control offers you the opportunity to regulate the brightness and contribute to improving your mood. There are many different colours and woods that shutters come in, and pairing white wooden shutters with subtle colours on walls and ceiling will get you closer to the ambience you want.

An enviable environment

It’s always worth experimenting with your colour schemes and the way you allow light to permeate your rooms. Custom shutters are a simple and attractive way of giving you effective control over your environment.


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