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Get your mitts on this!


Get you mitts on this

You may have noticed we’ve been talking a lot – and I mean a lot-  about other brands this month. It’s safe to say it’s becoming one of our favourite topics to blog about. Exploring new exciting products, people and brands has given us heaps of inspiration and excitement. So the girls at A&G want to bring those same feelings to you, our lovely customers. Today we’re sharing our favourite subscription boxes – These boxes are a fabulous thing, they come through your door and its a little gifted parcel too yourself. They’re great because you can get anything through the door now, wine, cheese (yes cheese, how bizarre but we love it!), vinyl, make up and flowers (you might remember our Bloomon mention in our last blog post). We’ve trolled the web, we’ve googled, we’ve scanned reviews, we’ve even searched through companies customer tagged images on instagram too – you know, just to see if they really are amazing/ the real deal. So, we want to share some of the best with you. Lets all welcome the subscription boxes you and the A&G girls are crying out for –


Ohh deer Paper Gang Subscription box

Lets kick this off with Ohhdeers ‘Papergang’. Become part of the papergang and you can receive gorgeous stationary monthly. This is a new venture from the quirky online shop and although it’s fresh and new, who knows there may be some hiccups for them, we’re remaining positive that their subscription box is going to be hella cute. I know we’re personally obsessed with stationary in the office, in fact back in the day Paris spent her first major birthday money on ‘funky’ folders and scented pink gel pens, her obsession for this stuff has only got worse since then. With that, you can understand why Ohh deer creating a subscription box is pretty exciting to us – we’ve purchased a few single products off them, such as their Urban Outfitters marble journal (you may have seen it on our very cool instagram) and we’re dying to get the post ‘tit’ note pad as it makes us giggle and some of their quirky illustrations which would look seriously cute in our frames.  



Birch Box Subscription box

Another subscription box that we’re just dying to get our paws on is the Glossybox. A friend of A&G recently showed us her February box, it included the most gorgeous make up brush – men you will never understand a ladies love for perfectly crafted and pretty coloured make up tools – and some amazing eyeshadow, well you can imagine this made us want to sign up instantly. But before we do, some digging has to be done– you know, we’ve got to show our customers only the best of the best and we want only the best for our money too, obviously! – well Glossybox fits the bill. Again, same concept, monthly through the door except its dedicated to cosmetics – expect samples from great brands such as Benefit, Maria Nila and Nip Fab – with a yet fabulous price of only £10. A tenner for this lot? Sign us up! Plus it comes in a gorgeous box you can keep too – yay, extra goodies!  


Lucky Dip

Girl power through and through, Lucky Dip Club celebrates the independent lady and with international womens day just come and gone (although it should be everyday of course!) it would have been awful of us not to mention this fantastic brand. Like the other boxes, you have no idea what you’re getting, it’s a surprise – of course that’s the fun of it – however Lucky Dip have created monthly themes which keep you excited for your next box to arrive. This months box is bunny themed and we can’t believe we’ve missed out, we’re dying to know what was inside- if you got this box, please message us on our SMs and tell us what you got!

But what can you expect? Expect Lucky Dips own zine dedicated to the girls, handmade jewelry, décor for your home, fun stationary etc. It’s in the name, it’s a completely fun lucky tip of amazing items. We want – the concept is fab – so get your mitts on this!


Wax and Stamp - Record

Our final is vinyl (see what we did there? Nice bit of rhyme for you on a *enter the day you’re reading this here* afternoon). Vinyl was so huge back in the day, then the poor thing got taken over by the CD, which then was taken over by itunes/ online and what not. It’s safe to say it’s the granddaddy of our generations music scene but, do not worry as it’s back with a vengeance and we couldn’t be happier.  We’ve got a fair few records ourselves from back in the day and we’ve purchased The 1975s new album just this week, showing that even us office girls are enjoying jumping on the bandwagon. Speaking of jumping on the bandwagon, so is the lovely little company Wax & Stamp as they’ve designed a monthly subscription box dedicated to popping a fresh and exciting new album through your letter box. At £26 a month – which may seem steep compared to the other ones – it’s actually a great price when you compare it to the price of one album you could purchase now in your local HMV. With is subscription, you receive 1 LP and 1 Single every month, which is a great old gift and a jolly good deal. So if you’re a music fan, then this box is definitely the one for you. Besides, if you subscribe to this little lovely, you can get one of our frames to put the record sleeve in – now that’s a good plan, right? 

Ayers and Graces

 Hope you like our picks!  

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Enjoy your day and happy reading!  

Lots of love, 

A & G girls xox 

Get you mitts on this