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How To Get Banging Bohemian Decor


Banging Bohemian, finally!

I’ve been dying to blog about this interior style. For weeks I’ve been revamping my home, ripping up tatty cream carpets, adding pots, plants and trinkets and adding some seriously incredible tapestries to my walls. It’s hard not to fall in love with this style. The colours, the cosiness of the cushions, seats, carpets (list could go on), the fact it reminds us of our european getaways, the details and luxurious asscessiories and the smell of incense – I could go on, but that wouldn’t make for a good blog post aye?!

Here’s our guide to getting a seriously gorgeous or should I say ‘Banging Bohemian’ home:



The bohemian style is all about comfort and nothing quite says comfort than some huge rugs and some ultra fluffy cushions. There’s no particular rules when it comes to these accessories, you really can buy as much or as little, in the same or different colours than you want. I’ve just been to Camden, London – a must if you’re hunting for some trinkets, sequin cushions and tapestries on a bargain budget- and bought 5 cushion covers, all the same style, just in a range of colours and guess what? they work perfectly together. 

All you need to remember is, patterned is good (in fact the more patterened the better) and the more indian or moroccan it looks the best. Also any colours will work, blues, reds, purples and greens work best but again it’s all about your own preference. I’ve seen many rugs and cushions on Pinterest in pink and white – which are colours not usually associated to this style- but it surprisingly works, showing you that you can really do what you want. Also remember that a clash or mix-match is good, keep it colourful, vibrant and fresh. Bohemian isn’t a repetitive style, it’s about being relaxed and making the colours work together.  It’s a style you really can’t get wrong, just have fun with it.

Not sure where too look? Ebay has some incredible Mandala patterened rugs and even some gorgeous coloured Chindi Rag rugs! Another online store that i’ve found has a huge selection is Etsy


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 TIP 2


Again, there’s not much you can get wrong with this style. You can go subtle paint on the walls, think creams or whites and go crazy colourful with the accessories and furniture OR you can go bold, pin mandala patterened tapestries to the wall, drape throws over the beds in royal blues and purples, add gold accents to the room for a splash of royal colouring and well just about anything. I can not stress enough how laid back this style really is, almost anything will work. Try to pick a couple of accent colours and work with them, slowely adding hints of other colours too. For example, if I were too pick blues and purples, I could then slowely try to add golds, yellows and oranges into the room – creating a change of tone. 

bohemian room set up



Im talking about lanterns, tapestries, incense sticks, macramé furniture and hangings, fairy lights – the lot. Accessorising a bohemian space can be seriously fun, but it can be a little mean on our purses. So instead of going on (and on, and on) about what accessories you should buy, i’m going to let you in on some lovely money saving tips on how to get the most out of your bohemian space.

Firstly, check out Bohemian Mamas blog for some easy yet gorgeous D.I.Y tips – how to make your own dream catchers, wall hangings, macrame curtains – how perfect?!

You can pick up gorgeous patterned tapestries – good for bedding, wall hangings, curtains etc. (use your imagination!) quite cheap. I’ve found Ebay to be the best place if you’re looking to do it on budget – but don’t worry they’re still gorgeous and great quality, I have a couple myself. 

I’m also LOVING (capitals to show you how much) macrame at the moment. The wall hangings, chairs, furniture and what not is simply stunning. There’s a great tutorial on Brit+Co which shows you how to make your own macrame wall hanging, with some simple jersey material rather than the traditional rope which can make the cost more expensive!  

For more inspiration and tips, I definitely recommend a Pinterest session, the website is oozing inspiration and I’ve made it a little easier by creating an A&G ‘Banging Bohemian’ board just for you. 

bohemian blog accessories



It truly wouldn’t be a luscious bohemian space without some hanging or potted plants, a great big cactus or some gorgeous terrariums. If you haven’t got green fingers – like me- I suggest getting a whole bunch of cactuses, you can’t get them wrong.  But if you have, I suggest investing in some hanging plants, they’re absolutely gorgeous and help fill some blank spaces you may have or create depth in a room. Here’s a fab tutorial on how to make your own – like I said, it’s all about saving the pennies! 

bohemian plants



You can never fully achieve the bohemian look without a gorgeous mirror or a couple of ornate frames- I suggest gold as it makes the whole look slightly more luxurious. When flicking through Pinterest it appears this is definitely a key tip (meaning don’t worry, I’m not just preaching our products for no reason – promise!)  and to make it easier for you, I’ve already hand picked some great frames and mirrors that would be perfect. Our Tuscany mirror has lots of detail which makes it a stand out feature or you can go more feminine with a delicate style frame by picking our Arch mirror. On a budget? well our kikos are a perfect choice too. You can place our Mini Dantas on a side unit or over a fire place and they just make the adorable extra feature!

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FINALLY seeing as I always preach about saving the pennies, well don’t forget to use our amazing discount voucher, which will give you 20% OFF!  voucher

Hope you enjoyed reading,
Lots of love A&G