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It’s a Mans World!


It’s a Mans world (but it would be nothing without a us women hey!)

Males, where have you been? Don’t shy away from the A&G girls, we know you love our mirrors and frames just as much as we do. But just in case you need some persuading, we’re here to help inspire you! I’ve seen so many articles in home magazines, online, and on tv, and you guys are killing it. Seriously, you all have an amazing eye for interior design and it’s about time you started flaunting it. It’s safe to say, some of you definitely put us ladies to shame.

 Picture of Gilt Ornate Frames

So, I’ve decided to introduce to you some A&G products that you boys should find fitting for your family homes, lad pads, office, you name it..

Introducing our fabulous vinyl cover frames

Ornate 12 Inch Album Covers. Only £35

Black Vinyl Cover Frame


These babies are seriously cool, forget about your old tatty plastic frames that you see on the high street, everyone has those! Take a look at these, our ornate wooden frames are not only stronger but they’re also gorgeous and stylish. Just picture your old Jimmy Hendrix or Rolling Stones records in one of these, amazing right? The ultimate style accessory for any lad pad.

Another range of products that we think would be perfect for you guys is our Kiko and Danta range. These simple, fairtrade frames with added vintage appeal work perfectly within a rustic environment, think offices with vintage desks, living rooms with chesterfields. These frames allow you to put your keepsakes in – some of our customers have put foreign currency in the frames as a memory of their travels. Another idea would be to put your old vintage family photographs in them or cherished notes from loved ones. These frames really do give an edge to any room. What do you recon?

Beautiful Kiko Keepsake Frames Mini Danta Frames

For more inspiration head over to our Pinterest board – we’re here to help! Or check us out on Facebook