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London fashion week!


Ladies and gents everywhere are swooning over the new collections of top designers this week. I know I’ve been stalking mine on instagram – I want it all! But what is something that often goes hand in hand with fashion? Vanity! And it’s this vanity that brings you to us, our lovely mirrors. There’s simply no point buying a fabulous new outfit if you can’t see how fabulous you look in it is there? A mirror can be your best and worst friend, but when you put on your new oufit and you look into one, you’re confidence level rises and that’s a pretty great feeling hey?

With this, the girls at A&G thought that if everyone else is announcing their new collections, we should do so too! I know there’s no catwalk and no clothes, but surely a new Ayers and Graces mirror announcement is better (Don’t answer that!)

So here it is, our BRAND new better than any fashion catwalk show, our KIKO standing mirror. It’s sleek, chic and fabulously vintage, everything you want with a mirror. Not only that, it comes in three fantastic finishes, Copper, Brass Freestanding Kiko Mirror and Zinc Kiko Freestanding Mirror, making it a top contender for style as the Kiko design works well with all the popular interior design trends right now, making it a pretty fabulous item to own ( I’ve already tried to pinch a couple for myself!)


Kiko Freestanding Mirror

Vintage Zinc Kiko Standing Mirror

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