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Ones To Watch

We’re hoping you’ve read our previous blog post (if not, why not –go read it!) as from that, you’d already know that we’re extremely excited about next months Ideal Home Show.  It’s safe to say you already know about us. You know we pride ourselves on having the best quality mirrors and frames, a gorgeous selection, shockingly great prices and of course the friendliest staff. But, we can’t keep rubbing our own egos too much – gosh we might not fit our heads through Olympias doors!  So here’s a shout out to the companies we’re looking forward to seeing this year. A whole blog post dedicated to our fellow exhibitors, as without them, there would be no show. 

Here’s who we’re looking forward to seeing this year – 

Stand No: H140

 Smeg Interior Shots

We don’t have to tell you much about this brand because we’re sure you already know and recognise it, they’re already pretty big in the game. Smeg is best known – in our opinion- for it’s amazing 50s style kitchen appliances.  Appliances that any loyal housewife or house husband (it is the 21st century after all) would swoon over. The colour palette alone is enough to make you die ‘yes it does come in pastel pink, blue, yellow, orange…’ gasp, we think we’re in love. The big boss of A&G has a cream colour Smeg fridge herself, which she has paired with a gorgeous grey paint and vintage cupboards. Imagine a very vintage chic with a dash of retro and a splash of country, it may sound bizarre and you probably can’t quite picture it, but it looks fantastic. The A&G girls love it – we promise that’s the truth, we’re not just sucking up to the boss.

For such unique looking appliances, Smegs 50’s style range supprisingly goes well with many, or if not most, interior styles. If you search Smeg through Pinterest, you can see for yourself – major kitchen inspiration love there!

We’re deffinetly excited to see what the stand has to offer, what colours they’ve got (think we’re all in love with the baby blue washing machine above!) and to see what is new for them this 2016- We’re keeping an eye out.


Next we have –

Stand No: FH516

Bloomon Flower Bouquets


Bloomon made it incredibly easy for us to pick them for our ‘Ones to watch’ feature as not only do they supply stunningly beautiful bouquets (which is obviously the main plus point- we’re a company full of females, what girl doesn’t love flowers?) They’re also embracing the current trend on subscriptions boxes, but with a twist – certainly a great twist. Flowers to your door every month? Every fortnight? Gosh, I know we’d feel like princesses if we had this. But it’s not only their products that grabbed our attention but their website attracted us too. If you head to the ‘about us‘ section, you get an insight into the company, who it was founded by, how it all started – everything. We think there’s something so incredibly refreshing about a business allowing themselves to be so open with its customers. I know we’ve been trying to do this for a long time!   

Extra beauty about Bloomon, is it’s so simple and easy. With a few clicks of the mouse and ding, your door bell goes and you’ve got yourself some gorgeous flowers. Okay, not that quick, but you get the jist – the concept is pretty damn good. We’re hoping to see some examples of what they’re offering at the show, we may even sign up ourselves – we need some life in our office (sorry boss!) and we think some gorgeous flowers will do just the job.


Stand No: F715


Now, being British – and very stereotypical it may seem – we love our teas, like really love, love love them. Earl grey, Breakfast, Green, Camomile, you name it, you make it, we’ll drink it. But we’re a little bored of the typical ‘builders brew’ so when we heard Teapigs were going to be at IDHS16 (check us abbreviating) well, we were excited. So, with this in mind of course Teapigs were going to make it onto our list, how could they not? They’ve been at the ideal home show before and even then we were excited, so this year is no different.  

Why the hype though? What’s so different about this brand of tea? Well they only use whole leaf, which in short means you’re getting a truly quality cuppa – but with a just as good price, which of course is another positive. On the website you can actually search for teas depending on your emotions aka ‘the mood-o-metre’, so if we’re feeling adventurous we would try the liquorice and mint or the sweet ginger. If we’re having a grumpy day in the office, we would probably grab ourselves some super fruit tea or Popcorn? (yes popcorn tea, can you believe it?!), for a fun little perk up.  The range of flavours is out of this world, we’re keen to try them all.

Another main element to this brand that is worth mentioning, would be their matcha tea. This tea is basically the hulk, the Popeyes protein, the boss of all green tea. It’s known for it’s health benefits and with that alone, why would you not drink it? Teapigs sells it in powder form which means if you’re not a massive green tea drinker, no worries. You can actually put the powder into anything, such as your morning smoothies for example and still get all the health benefits- perfect! We’re obsessed with homemade smoothies at the mo, so we’re even thinking about chucking some in there – great idea!  We’re going to give this a try ASAP, so we’ll keep you updated on how we feel.  




Just kidding. Again, make sure to check our stand out as well at the Ideal Home Show London 2016 or better yet say hey. We hope you enjoyed the read,

Lots of Love

A&G Girls
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*Disclaimer: Original images are not our own and some may have been edited by us for the contents of this blog. Links have been provided if images were taken from the original source (not Pinterest).