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Rather Royal!

Us brits, we’re a rather obvious yet traditional sort of bunch at times aren’t we?

Although we almost hate to admit it. It’s certainly a rare occurrence if we’re unable to spot a fellow Englishman on our sunny holidays, t-shirt tans and 50 shades of grey books in hand. We enjoy our tea and crumpets in the morning, we’re lovers of a good queue system – how dare people cut in front of us! – we’re almost never happy with the weather, we enjoy DIY on a bank holiday along with a good pint at the local pub and most of all we love our old royal lady, the Queen. We’re a fantastic bunch aren’t we?

Well in celebration of all things British and what with the Queens recent 63 year reign , it couldn’t be a better time to show you got some inspirational goodness on how to turn your home into a Royal British palace fit for any King or Queen by using our fantastic products!

How about going beautiful like Princess Diana with our ivory Napoli mirror – add an aura of purity and love into your home like our late Princess did to our hearts. This mirrors beautiful design makes it perfect for bedroom interiors, it’s light and elegant. It’s added detail makes it a key decorative item to have in your home and it can be hung on the wall or stood up on a dressing table or shelf so it’s versatile too!

Ivory Napoli Freestanding Mirror

Something more like Prince Harry your thing? Mr rebel and rugged. Break the rules with our black (Oh how mischievous) square Monoco Mirror. It’s dark detailed ornate frame dares to be looked at, it demands attention and it’s certainly one to make a statement. The square shape makes it unique, breaking the mould to the traditional style we’re all used to – I guess, very much like our dear Prince Harry.

Heavily Ornate Black Square Mirror

Go new, young yet prim and propper with our lovely Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge or shall we say Kate? After marrying the handsome Prince William, Kate has gone on to be an extremely high profiled lady, making significant impacts on English fashion and being highly influential (or so the Times magazine says). So what mirror better to match this? other than our full length Classic silver swept mirror. The ornate frame is simple yet strikingly beautiful, much like the Duchess herself!

Full Length Classic Silver Mirror

Finally, i’ve saved the best to last… Now, here she is, the lady herself. The grand, the Royal, the magnificent, our dear Queen. If you’re after a home that’s fit for her, we’re talking bold, grand, impressive there’s simply only one mirror for you and that is our large – yes, oh so very large – 7ft x 4ft Gold ornate Rococo mirror. It’s classic gold gilt finish and heavily detailed ornate frame makes it fit for any palace. It will certainly make any room stand out! Despite it’s large size, the mirrors sophisticated detailing makes it a thing of elegance rather than a bold in your face horror.

Like the queen, it’s elegant yet powerful – qualities to strive for.

7ft x 4ft Ornate Gold Rococo Mirror